What to wear after Labor Day :: Merging Summer and Fall Favorites

Fall is a favorite time of the year for many - I know it is for me. While many are sad to bid adieu to summer, summer really hasn't left us. Although children are back in school and schedules, routines and structure have resumed, the warm weather lingers on. What results in the month of September, and even into the month of October are warm days mixed with cool mornings and nights. For fashion lovers this might be the ultimate season - nothing is off limits and one can continue wearing summertime favorites while bringing out those for cooler weather. The old rules of not wearing white after Labor Day have pretty much been tossed out the window. I've always believed that rules are meant to be broken, anyhow. I mean, if I am going to have to endure an 80 or 90 degree day in September, I'll dress for the temperatures as opposed to what the calendar may or may not dictate. I'll look forward to merging some of my summer favorites with those for cooler months. 

If you subscribe to hippie or boho chic, there's no need to pack up those groovy dresses and coverlets. Pair them with denim, some swinging sandals or kickin' boots, and you'll have your laid back, far out look lasting long into the cooler months. Above, the summer kimono gets extended use and becomes a chic accessory worn with ankle length jeans and high heeled sandals. 

The LBD or LWD (or any color little dress of choice) gets a whole new look as a tunic when paired with slim fitting pants or jeans. (For more on various tunic styles click here. I do think that tunics are a must for all wardrobes.)

The summer's most coveted piece, the off the shoulder blouse transitions perfectly for the cooler days ahead when paired with denim or darker colors. The above top in navy can be worn year round, and the top below takes on an autumnal vibe when paired with skinny black jeans.

Just because summer is leaving doesn't mean you need to pack up all your sleeveless tops and sweaters. 

In fact, sleeveless is everywhere this fall - from jackets to sweaters to blouses, so you'll be able to show off your well defined arms for quite some time! 

Black. Because black is always in style. With cooler temperatures ahead you won't have to worry about wearing dark colored clothing.

Long cardigans return this fall in all sorts of styles and colors. A perfect layering accessory for cooler mornings and evenings. 

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White jeans! Don't listen to your grandmother. Today's style mavens are all wearing white after Labor Day. The trick is to keep it both seasonal and weather appropriate. As the temperatures drop add darker colors and thicker layers. You can wear your favorite white jeans year round these days. In fact, you'll want to stock up on your favorite pair in case you wear them out! (For more white jean ideas do check this piece out.)

Mixing textures. Chunky sweaters and tailored silk or cotton pants. Again note the bare arms.

Sweater dresses are appearing all over the place this fall. Here on is casually tossed over a pair of jeans but can be dressed up in a cinch when worn alone with an elegant pair of boots.

 Image via  Who What Wear

Image via Who What Wear

A thin shirt or turtleneck can extend the life of your favorite summer shift (or any sleeveless top) which might become your favorite fall shift when paired with your boot of choice. 

September and October might be the shoe lover's favorite months as we'll be seeing both boots and sandals - and everything in between - on the streets as well as the runways.