80 Things You Must Try This Summer!

 80 things to try this summer. Image  via

80 things to try this summer. Image via

I've tried to create a list filled with ideas for both adults, teens and younger children. Take this list, print it out and put it on your desk or tape it to your refrigerator. We all have an idea of things we want to do and see over the summer, then as the weeks pass on we lose ambition, drive and creativity. Much of our days are filled with work and camps for the children. Many have time set aside for travel and family vacations. But the days are longer and there's so much that can be done on a long weekend or after work. The summer season has officially arrived - Let's make the most of it and fill our days with laughter and joy-filled activities. For those of us with children, especially older children, let's not focus on academics but on living... I'm a firm believer that the best way of learning is to get out of the classroom and get out into the world... or out into the neighborhood!

 80 Things for kids and grownups to do this summer. Image via Tumblr.

80 Things for kids and grownups to do this summer. Image via Tumblr.

  1. Take a road trip to somewhere new
  2. Visit a vineyard
  3. Try a new outdoor sport (such as paddle boarding, kayaking, golf or horseback riding)
  4. Go to the beach (lake, park, rooftop) and watch the sunrise. DONE!
  5. Go to the beach (lake, park, rooftop) and sip champagne as the sun sets. DONE!
  6. Collect shells
  7. Collect sea glass
  8. Visit a new ice cream shop every week
  9. Ride a Merry Go Round
  10. Start a quest for the best Lobster Roll
  11. Go berry picking and make home made jam
  12. Prepare a meal using only ingredients from the farm or farmer's market
  13. Make a pitcher of sun tea
  14. Start a vegetable/herb/fruit garden
  15. Start a container garden (better for children and those of us with black thumbs!) DONE
  16. Make s'mores with various flavors (strawberries, raspberries, peanut butter cups)
  17. Make ice cream using rock salt and a plastic bag, or this way. (Great activity for kids)
  18. Go for a hike or a long walk someplace new
  19. Charter a boat 
  20. Ride a ferry
  21. Host a pool party
  22. Host an outdoor movie party
  23. Go to a drive-in 
  24. Visit a museum DONE
  25. Visit a zoo
  26. Visit a botanical garden DONE
  27. Make a Summer 2016 "Mix Tape" from your iTunes
  28. Lose yourself in a good summer book
  29. Organize a potluck picnic 
  30. Swim in the rain (but not in the lightning!) 
  31. Go skinny dipping!
  32. Kiss in the rain
  33. Go kayaking
  34. Go paddle boarding 
  35. Camp out on the beach (by the lake) and look for shooting stars
  36. Go to an outdoor concert
  37. Record your day with pictures
  38. Hang some bird feeders and count all the varieties that stop by
  39. Rent a convertible
  40. Play tourist in your hometown
  41. Buy several bunches of flowers and make a pretty display
  42. Sleep on the porch
  43. Watch a rainstorm
  44. Make Lemonade from scratch
  45. Make Limoncello
  46. On a particularly hot or rainy day lose yourself in Netflix
  47. Visit one new outdoor restaurant a week
  48. If you have little ones: Create a scavenger hunt with pictures in your neighborhood
  49. If you have teens: Create a scavenger hunt in town - have the kids text their finds
  50. Take a surfing lesson
  51. Go boogie boarding
  52. Go for a long bike ride somewhere new
  53. Try Geocaching with the family
  54. Go crabbing/clamming
  55. Make sand candles
  56. Start a journal and fill it with ideas, thoughts, dreams and aspirations
  57. Start an illustrated/paint/photography journal
  58. Go to an outdoor flea market/antiques fair
  59. Host a Christmas Party on a hot day in July! 
  60. Go to a matinee
  61. Color and hide "Easter" eggs
  62. Unplug for a day
  63. Host a clam bake
  64. Take a sailing lesson
  65. Make a large batch of gazpacho - try yellow and green varieties too
  66. "Create" a new smoothie flavor
  67. Go ziplining DONE
  68. Go to a minor league baseball game
  69. Eat a hotdog
  70. Have a Create your own Burger contest
  71. Visit a local brewery
  72. Visit a local distillery
  73. Go for a "midnight" swim
  74. Spend a hot rainy day in bed
  75. Plan a lunch date with the girls DONE
  76. Go for an long walk or run DONE
  77. Make blueberry bread with freshly picked blueberries
  78. Go to a local fair
  79. Go to a carnival and jump on some rides!
  80. Have an indoor picnic (No mosquitos! No ants!)

Which will you start with? Do you have any ideas to share? We'd love to hear them!